Terms and Conditions

I understand the Accessible Survival Kit Initiative “The Initiative” is a project of Addington Neighbourhood Association and that the terms and conditions may change at anytime without notice however notice will be given as soon as practicably possible. I understand my registration is voluntary and may be cancelled anytime by “The Initiative” or by submitting a cancellation form. I agree to information provided being used for statistical purposes that does not identify me. I accept responsibility for checking all goods received ensuring they work as intended and will notify “The Initiative” of any damage or fault of any goods within seven days of receipt to be rectified. While “The Initiative” suggests in its advertising to provide certain items that make up a complete basic survival kit I understand that some goods may change or become unavailable without notice and I will not take any action against “The Initiative”, its representatives or The Addington Neighbourhood Association Inc. should this occur. I understand “The Initiative” is completely volunteer run and that communication and dispatch of goods may be delayed from time to time. I agree to receive regular communication from “The Initiative” including any emergency warnings, notices, updates or other relevant community, safety and emergency information. I understand that completion of this registration form does not guarantee acceptance of registration until a registration confirmation notice is received in writing.