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Listen LIVE on Windows PC with Media Player.

Listen LIVE all other devices including Mobiles.

Radio Addington is a local Low Power FM radio station for the Addington area that broadcasts on 107.5 FM.

Update from Blair (Mar 2020)

Radio Addington is on air and operating a “Banded” format where similar music plays during a certain period each day. I have updated the Schedule below to show when the 1-2 hour Specialised shows play during the week.

The donation of equipment from the CCC has meant we can also stream Radio Addington on the internet (the links are above). This means that anyone can listen outside of the FM broadcast range, even on a mobile device with a data plan. 1 Hour of streaming will use 14.4 Mega Bytes of data (0.0144 Giga Bytes), so well within most data plans for a few hours per day.

I look forward to more feedback about this or any other queries you have about the Radio Addington community LPFM radio station. Contact Radio Addington by eMail


Monday to Friday

0000-0400 Random Access
0400-0800 Classical
0800-1200 Golden Oldies 50s-70s
1200-1400 Popular 80s-10s
1400-1600 Eurodance
1600-2000 Rock Music
2000-0000 Heavy Metal

Saturday & Sunday

0000-0300 Random Access
0300-0600 Classical
0600-0900 Kiddy Time (Stories and Music)
0900-1200 Golden Oldies 50s-70s
1200-1500 Popular 80s-10s
1500-1800 Eurodance
1800-2100 Rock Music
2100-0000 Heavy Metal

Specialised Shows

Turning Back The Clock – a 1 hour weekly request show hosted by John Newman. If you’d like to make a request for the show eMail with “Request” in the Subject line and include your Name, basic location IE: Selwyn St, Addington and the Artist and Title of the song you would like played – Sunday 2pm (60min)

Eurodance” Electronic Dance Music from the 90’s & 00’s

Security Now! – a Weekly computer news and information show – Monday 12pm (repeated Friday 12pm)

Molten Metal – a Hard Rock/Metal show based around the 80/90s era – Thursday 9pm (repeated Sunday 9pm)

NZ Hard Rock Show – all about the new and good in the 100% NZ Hard Rock scene – Wednesday 10pm (repeated Saturday 10pm)

Cacophony – a full on Heavy Metal show featuring International and NZ releases every week – Friday 10pm (repeated Monday 10pm)

The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy – all 26 Episodes of the Classic 80’s BBC Radio Drama – Sunday Midday (40min)

ARRL Podcasts – Amateur Radio related topics from the USA including The Dr Is In, Electic Tech and So What Now? – Tuesday 12pm [20-60min]

TX Factor – Amateur Radio related topics from the UK – Thursday 12pm (60min)


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