The Addington App

The Addington App is now available for people to try out. An official launch will be held at a later date, yet to be arranged.

This App is being developed as a joint venture between the Addington Neighbourhood Association , The Christchurch City Council Heritage Team and Waikato Universty Computer Science Department. It is FREE to download and use.

Please use the following links:


Please be aware that this App is still in development, so we are still populating the App with information. There are three main parts to the App: People, Places and Walks. All three parts are linked to each other, to give you historical information as you move about the Addington area, using the GPS on your smartphone .

Other walks are currently being developed , including; Literary Streets, Local Artworks ( artworks, statues and murals ), heritage buildings ( pre-1900 buildings still in existence ) and Addington parks / recreational spaces . Once developed, it is planned to make these walks available as downloadable printed maps on this site , for people who do not have smartphones . If you wish to contact us with suggestions or feedback , please email us at